Aloma County Pune – Complete Disaster and Rip Off

Aloma County – projected as one of the upcoming complex in Aundh area of Pune, was priced very high. With all the marketing bang, the delivery is a complete lack luster. No water, no maintenance, no cleaning, no efforts to resolve issues.

The builder thinks he can sell flats due to location – hahaha – wake up man. People are smart enough to see whether to constantly fight with everyday issues in the society or whether to drive an extra mile. There is no wonder that even after it being located in Aundh, marketing is fighting out trying to sell the flats, doing all they can. Do not believe on big dreams sold by Mr. Suhas and company – they are full of lies.

The marketing is ONLY concerned in selling the flats – obviously for two reasons: 

1. It is their job and 2. Pride Purple group is only there to market the complex and sell flats on its name  (which is being drowned quickly by NaikNavare).

The days are not far when Pride Purple group will also go down the drain – they simply turn deaf and blind when it comes to listening to consumers. Mr. Suhas himself told me that he doesn’t want to talk about water issue. Well, here is my voice then to the world out there so that people are aware of pit falls.

The complex is a disaster. I was surprised that the brokers community call it ghost place as most tenants they have sent to this society ran away after days/months. Well, tenants can go and find other place quickly but buyers are stuck in this rat hole as there are hardly any takers for resale in Aloma County.

The bright name of Pride Purple, which may be attracted few, is dimming fast as people struggle with day to day issues after paying hefty amounts for a basic flat in Aloma County shit hole. 

1. AMAZING LOOKS : The complex looks like a PLAIN building – like builders used to design decade ago.

2. PARKING – WHAT A JOKE: The dual parking was a rip off from the builder to squeeze money out of poor buyers. There is a machine in the parking to park cars on two levels 🙂 Now, who is going to operate and maintain that machine when basic machines like a lift is not working out. These guys can not even make an elevator work. In Irene towers, one or the other elevator is ALWAYS out of service – without fail.

3. AH THE PEACE: The constant buzzing noise from the adjoining water waste management is definitely going to give you migraines quickly. Not to mention the foul bad smell from this.

4. WATER SUPPLY? WHAT IS THAT: There is NO WATER CONNECTION to this society. Bore water near the waste nullah is another threat. The untreated and unpoachable TANKER WATER is sure shot invite to skin and hair disease  Many children are falling sick in Aloma County as they accidently drink up tanker water while taking bath. The tanker water source is known to all — wells, gutters, rivers, ponds, any thing where waste and excreta is disposed. So all buyers, come and pay millions and live good life of a slum and jhopad putty. Collect water in buckets and drums and earthen pots. What a life 🙂

5. AH THE VIEW: The complex is nicely surrounded by a gutter flow (nullah) which is making a perfect boundary for this complex. A perfect foul smell for all residents for free. Also, free mosquitos, free dengue, free malaria for all residents – who ever dare to step out in so called garden area.

6. CHILDREN? ALOMA is ONLY FOR COUPLES: The complex is NOT AT ALL CHILDREN SAFE. There are open ditches in garden and common area – posing big threat to one or two children that dare to play in the area. There are two small swings in large complex of thousands residents !!  Already five children have been sent to hospital as they fell in the unprotected water conduits – which were build as marketing gimmick.

7. Free LABOUR CAMP: With your flat, you will get daily quarrel of labours staying in the labour camp. Now, do not be mistaken that these are Aloma County labours. These labors stay in the property (which you are paying for), but work in other buildings of Pride Purple. Every morning there are tractor loads of people commuted from the labor camp to other construction sites of Pride Purple group around the city. So, you are facing the smoke, noise, and issue of concentration camp – free of charge (well no, you pay for the land when you buy flat).

8. ELEVATORS? NO PLEASE CLIMB STAIRS: If you are still planning to buy a flat in this place – go for first or second floor MAX. The elevator is ALWAYS under maintenance. The whole complex is made with sub standard material. The lift can easily be identified as duplicate one – bought from some fake company. One or the other elevator is always down. So, if you are rushing to anyplace, kiss the lift goodbye and run for stairs – before they also crumble down.

9. WHAT FITTINGS: Ah the shining bathroom fittings, Ohh the big shower head. Don’t be fooled, just try the simple flush and you will know the bad quality of the bathroom fittings. You need to build your muscles well to press that thing. Old age residents are hiring servants to just press that toilet flush button. What a modern world of Aloma County!

10. BUILDING COMPLETE!! Ready for that house warming? You will be welcome with “free music” of hammers and tiling on top of your head. Why? no no it is not some wood work of neighbor  The builder is ONLY finishing the sold flats. They complete other flats as and when they are sold. So, you will be lucky if flats above you are sold. If not, they will be constructed as you live under them, when they get sold. So, you can enjoy hammering, tiling, plumbing, drilling noise ALL THE TIME. Also, be ready for the cracks that this construction is going to cause.

When we contacted Mr. Suhas of marketing, he straight away refused to talk about any issue. Also, he proudly claimed that NO ONE in so called “PRIDE HOUSE” will entertain us. Well Mr. Suhas, you have left no choice for us but to raise our voice to media. Do expect articles in newspapers and free fliers in the Property shows against Aloma County as well. No one can stop the basic right of freedom of speaking public voice. You do not care about consumers, we will tell and warn others about not repeating the mistake we did.

PS: If any one is interested in buying flat in Aloma County, we have ready flats for resale. Please reply on this blog.